the fridge

the fridge

Our fridge was internally leaking a few months ago. We called Mr. Landlord, he sent someone out, they mentioned replacing, I got scared. Most people would be in love with the idea of a brand new fridge in an apartment. Not me. I actually like my old refrigerator. It suits the kitchen it’s in. It fits. Luckily we ended up not needing a new fridge; it was leaking all over my Greek yogurt due to dirty coils or something like that.

the fridge

The side is filled with photos that I try to change out seasonally.

the fridge

The front contains vintage jewelry magnets– instructions on how I made them at ReadyMade— and old postcards collected from estate and rummage sales.

Is your fridge bare? Do ya put stuff atop? I waffle between empty on top and filled with plants. I ♥ my fridge.


5 responses to “the fridge

  1. i have photos, vintage furniture magnets, quotes and more magnets on my fridge.

    recently, i’ve taken some pictures down and placed them on the cork board so that i could whittle down the things that are hanging/falling off.

    as for the top of the fridge, i have things there that either can’t fit into my closed cabinets, those new wooden bowls that were bought while thrifting or that cute green cat that you brought me back from mexico!

  2. I love this post, so much so that I felt inclined to change what was on my fridge just after reading it. The magnets are amazing and I intend to make my own as soon as possible. I just news tips on good places to rummage! Ps. Your blog is now an icon on my phone for easy reading on the train.

  3. one side of the fridge has a collection of magnets, the other side has a recipe my mom never took down, and the front has our waste collection schedule on it (trash, recylcing, and leaves). lol…it’s not pretty at all. i do use the front of the fridge to hang recipes when i’m baking.

  4. My kitchen is tiny so a microwave sits on top of the fridge. I change the art and bits out on my fridge occasionally. I keep things streamlined and balanced as it appears on your fridge!

    Your fridge and kitchen are REALLY cute!

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