positive friday one day late

CameraBag app iPhone

Best day! I wish I had snapped more photos with my real camera on my day trip to Milwaukee today but I only managed to get a few with the iPhone. CameraBag, one of my favorite apps, just came out with an update so I was able to play around with a few of the shots tonight and I LOVE THIS APP. If you own an iPhone, do yourself a favor and install it now. I think it was around two bucks.

CameraBag app iPhone

I took this shot from the car outside of IM Salvage on 8th and Cleveland on Milwaukee’s south side. If you’re in need of doors, windows, large restaurant items, school desks, blue toilets and sinks or stripped tin ceilings look no further. More on my fun day trip and all the goodies I lugged back later. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Don’t forget: you CAN print your iPhone photos out and put ’em on the wall!

CameraBag app iPhone

CameraBag app iPhone

CameraBag app iPhone


One response to “positive friday one day late

  1. Very nice photos, miss. (You’re so pretty!)
    I love the photo of the vintage car, nice texture! The second edit with the warm vintage feel is my clear favorite there. Hope you had fun junking!

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