bookshelf update: censored!


The Mister and I have hundreds of books between us and three measly bookshelves; overflow goes on the floor, like here, here and here. I think we’re at around twenty piles scattered throughout the apartment and while they started out of necessity when we couldn’t decide on a new book shelf, we grew to like the look and kept on stacking.

These shelves are in a dark corner of the living room and were put up about a year ago with serious help from our friend Evan after I tried to unsuccessfully use a screwdriver in plaster walls. There are still some huge holes conveniently hidden by the books on the second and third shelf. I try to straighten them up every now and then and add and remove plants, little trinkets and knick-knacks at random. None of the books are categorized or alphabetized or organized in any way; makes it hard to find certain titles at times but we usually stumble upon books we forgot about in the process and that’s always fun.


The “censored” sign on the top of the shelf came from an unlikely place. I’m always looking for interesting and free ways to display unique items around the house and was thrilled last week when I re-discovered this slim volume given to us by my father-in-law in 2004. Expressions Magazine is a publication put out by East Carolina University and this issue features a lengthy interview with said father-in-law on the subject of censorship and post-colonial Anglophone studies.


I liked the simple censored text in the middle of the magazine a lot and felt it fit right in with our books, many of them most certainly on banned lists throughout this country…ha!

censored books

Off to read my novel: RL’s Dream by one of the best who ever did it, Mr Walter Mosley. I’ve been on a rereading kick with his books lately and am enjoying every bit of it.


2 responses to “bookshelf update: censored!

  1. I love the self, the censored display, and the little plants in tea cups. Cute display. Now I need to get to reading! I’ll schedule in some reading time somehow…

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