sisterly thrifting

throwback sisterly pic, 2005

My sister Bridie and I went thrifting in Milwaukee– a post I wrote way back in the day about my favorite Miwaukee thrift haunts is here— this weekend. We stopped at at least five stores and still managed to fit in a super-indulgent Mexican lunch that left us both needing naps. We only ended up making purchases at one. Well, two if you count a glass I broke at Clinton St Antiques that Bridie was going to buy before I sent it smashing to the ground. Oops.

I L-O-V-E spending time with my sister. Did you catch that article that said people who have sisters are generally more happy in life? After a day spent laughing, bickering and talking plainly with Brides it’s not hard to see why. It’s so damn easy to be me around her.

Bridie and I have always been thrifters, gals out looking for a deal. With a dad who buys all of his clothing at Value Village, this should be a given. We found quite a few things for ourselves and for those on our Christmas list… Maybe one of these is for you?

thrifted 11.20.10

We begin with plates. I am so predictable!

thrifted 11.20.10

thrifted 11.20.10

thrifted 11.20.10

This deal of the day will probably live at my house. Twenty-five cents.

thrifted 11.20.10

I have a dozen of these in orange and white. A certain someone has always admired them and I figure it’s high time they got their own! Hoping to find more before my shopping time runs out.

thrifted 11.20.10

I’m not sure if these are placemats or napkins but I loved the pattern and texture. Surely they’ll make a great gift.

How about you all? Any thrifting scores this weekend?


9 responses to “sisterly thrifting

  1. I’ll take the covered casserole please.

  2. BRIDIE!!!!!!!!!!! I just found your site because I’m going to be doing a major overhaul on my apartment! ❤ this is great! great site you guys look great!

    • Hi Amaker! Say hi to your mom; I wonder if she remembers me. I hope you like the site and that it helps you on your apartment overhaul!

      • My mom of course remembers you! Who couldn’t?
        As for the apt – Our roommate moved out on the first we are starting today! My bf reminded me to take before and after pictures! So glad you have this site!

  3. Lovely finds! You always uncover the most beautiful vintage print plates and kitchen bits. Do you hunt hard for them, or are you lucky?

    I did not grow up with a sisters but with twin older brothers 5 years my seniors instead. I would prefer them to a sister! I grew up with awesome hand-me-down boy’s toys thanks to my brothers. They are proudly displayed in my living room 🙂

    • I’m not sure why I always find kitchen stuff; I definitely don’t hunt for it but I find almost every piece I see irresistible! I really need to lay off… it’s becoming hard to store all this stuff!

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