clinton st antiques

clinton street antiques

I’ve never been one for antique stores. I don’t know a hell of a lot about antiques or vintage pieces and just buy what I think looks good while thrifting, sometimes Googling when I get home to see how much money I’ve saved. Add that I’m almost never willing to spend over $30 on any one item and that can render many fancy shops useless. I much prefer hunting in dusty, allergen-riddled thrift stores and literally digging for treasures to having them neatly displayed on cutesy shelving with exorbitant price tags attached. But I love Clinton St Antiques in Milwaukee in spite of my preference for the thrill of the chase because their pricing actually makes sense and sometimes– though it hurts me to admit this– it can be nice to have the goods all picked out for you.

CSA is a smaller shop when compared to some of the behemoths out there and is located on the first floor of a beautiful house in Walker’s Point, Milwaukee. There’s a lot of goodies inside and it’s the perfect shop for second-hand gifting this season. The plant vessel selection is large and I can’t imagine who wouldn’t like one of their bright yellow pots with a cheery pothos stuck inside on a cold Midwestern Christmas morning. I chatted up the owner last weekend while browsing with Bridie— after I broke a glass– and told him that The Mister’s most favorite holiday gift came from his shop. I promised I would send him a shot of it on the wall in our apartment.

front room: cuba kola

Both the Cuba sign and the little circle thingies on the wall to the left of it came from Clinton Street Antiques. The circle guys ran me $7 a piece and the sign was an outright steal at $175. It is still our favorite piece in the entire apartment and was worth every penny. Give a visit to Clinton Street Antiques the next time your travels bring you to the great city of Milwaukee.

Read about us putting the Cuba Kola sign on the wall last Christmas and the backstory we made up for our sign here.

Clinton Street Antiques
1110 South 1st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204-2401


2 responses to “clinton st antiques

  1. The Cuba sign is beyond gorgeous. Graphic Design! Colors! Stunning. If I’m ever in Milwaukee I will stop there 🙂

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