sunday: our new windows

We finally got our new windows installed!

It’s not all good yet, though. While I appreciate their energy savings rating, it’s pretty difficult to tell that they’re new at all because of the half-assed installation job. I had to fight to clean the filthy storm windows before the actual windows went in because the installer was in a hurry and now the wood surrounding the windows is cracked and missing paint.

Apartment living, gotta love it. Someone (read: me) is going to have to repaint the wood and take it out of their rent. Someone else (read: whoever my landlord hires ASAP) is going to have to clean them and all of the other gross windows in our apartment properly.

I’m consoling myself by listening to Tame Impala’s Sundown Syndrome and yU of Diamond District’s Thought About It. I listen to one, go to the other, and then listen to the first one again. There’s a strange little mash-up going on in my brain right now.

Happy Sunday!


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