videos, i’m in love

I’m so far gone on new music and in turn, it’s videos, that it’s embarrassing. I was linked to this video from Rihanna today and I watched it at work, excited to come home and post some stills.

Ri-Ri looks amazing, the way the vid is shot is absolutely perfect and I don’t even mind having to look and listen to Drake (whose rapping I abhor) so you know the video must be great, right? Watch it here.

I started thinking about other videos that have caught my eye in the last year or so. I haven’t seen many, and I’m probably kinda late on all the love people have shown them but humor me.

John Legend’s Save Room For My Love is a clever little thing; watch the girls. Plus the interior in the beginning of the video? Swoon.

Snoop and Jay-Z’s I Wanna Rock is my favorite video of the last five years, easy. It makes me want to have ten sons and spoil them to pieces.

While I love Cee Lo Green’s official F*ck You video, the Spanish and German sing a longs make for great entertainment. So go ahead, sing along.

What are you favorite videos, past or present?


3 responses to “videos, i’m in love

  1. Still a fav

  2. Cee Lo Green has my heart forever with his unforgettable “Fuck You”, that’s a favorite in the current music scene by far. (I hate “today’s music”. I’m 24 going on 84.)

    For old videos…anything by Michael Jackson. Having trouble selecting a favorite from him impressive resume, though! Three way tie for Thriller/Billie Jean/Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough? 🙂

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