christmas decorating in a kitschy apartment

photo by ModFruGal

This post by ModFruGal yesterday made me long for holiday decorations in our apartment. Her simple, beautiful little “tree” can fit anywhere and make a big impact. Maybe a couple vases with dressed branches in each, grouped together on the credenza or bookshelf, of even on top of the fridge?

I haven’t done any decorating for the holiday season since we lived in California, where we bought a crappy little tree that caused a big old mess. I have too many things in my apartment. Too many “accents.” Too many decorative objects, plain old kitschy stuff. Granted I love these items and I appreciate waking up in the morning and looking at the pretty tableaus scattered throughout the house but right now I’m thinking of putting everything up for the season and adding some holiday cheer to the space.

This is another lovely take on branches from nicoletter, a beautiful German blog penned by a graphic designer.

How simple, how pretty. Easy to throw together and it would fit right in with the vintage feel of our kitchen. I surmise I’d have to remove the candy canes every morning before leaving for work lest the puppy get a hold of them. Via jutta on Flickr.

The bowl with ornaments, the JOY sign. All elements I can add to my branches and mini tree. Via simplygrove on Flickr.

Now I’m in the spirit. Are you decorating this year? Did you get a tree yet?


7 responses to “christmas decorating in a kitschy apartment

  1. Linda Lacy-Hodge

    Holiday decorations can be fun. Just don’t overdo. When my children were younger I used to have decorations in the whole house and now don’t ask them to help me with anything. I have toned things down to simple small hand sized decorations in each room. Last year I decided not to buy the nine foot tree and just brought in some of my palm plants and placed them together on different levels and tied red ribbons on the leaves. Some of my other big planters in the house I put eyelet lace around the neck of the planters. One year I picked up a punch of branches and spray painted them white and tied red bows on the naked branches and around the neck of the vase.
    Just some ideals for your apartment.

    Take care.

    Momma Linda

    • These are great ideas– I really want to spray paint the branches! And I will be on the lookout for eyelet lace at the thrift stores this week, too!

  2. Thanks for the shout out…do it! A little goes a long way and it will make you smile! I updated the post…the sun came out today and sent shimmers!

  3. How do you not have some awesome thrifted holiday decorations? I’m shocked! 🙂
    My all time favorite decoration and you could easily recreate it, my Grandma’s lollipop tree. I think an uncle made it in Cub Scouts. Tree shaped plywood, covered with green felt, and then rows of white dingleberry (I have no idea what the proper term is) trim. The lollipops then hung in the gaps between the “berries”.
    I used to decorate my mom’s house all up. Just a small little smattering of stuff in a room makes a difference. I’d put little bowls on tables or on the bathroom counter of pine, small ornaments, ribbon, etc. Bowl of stuff is a super easy containable thing. I know you have cute containers that would happily house a few pine sprigs. Small garland on a window or over picture frames, also fun and easy.

    • I love the lollipop tree idea Emily! And I am keeping my eyes peeled for pine and ribbon– I hadn’t thought of the latter but I imagine it would fit perfectly in a thrifty apartment. I am feeling very Christmas-y today 🙂

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