an urban casita christmas

an urban casita christmas
Our house is Christmas-y!  I stumbled upon the last remaining bouquet of pine boughs at our local Trader Joe’s and took it as a sign.  Along with your helpful decorating tips in my post on kitschy decorating last week, the $5.99 bouquet gave me the encouragement I needed to just get on with it over the weekend.

an urban casita christmas

I picked up my normal bouquet of alstroemeria as well, and added a few flowers to some of the vases.  As you can see from the kinda-bootleg arrangements, I do not have a calling for floral decorating.

an urban casita christmas

an urban casita christmas

Some of the vases didn’t get alstroemeria.  I just liked ’em as they were, simple and plain.

an urban casita christmas

Well, maybe not too plain. The white was a little boring and not quite cheery enough until I remembered Linda’s comment about tying ribbons around the leaves of her palm trees.

an urban casita christmas

an urban casita christmas

an urban casita christmas

I even hung ornaments with no tree!  These modish ornaments came from our Saturday IKEA trip.  They had little white ribbons attached for hanging that I removed and replaced with fishing line.

an urban casita christmas


an urban casita christmas
I think they’re high enough to keep the dog’s paws and teeth off of them. If I had been smart, I would have purchased more of these for our kitchen and living room windows. I see the mini-moible staying for bit after the holiday season is over and I’m pondering what else I can hang up seasonally. Dried flowers perhaps?

an urban casita christmas

Last but not least, a little tiny milk glass vase graces my desk, precisely where I’m sitting as I type this. A few more vases are scattered around the apartment but winter darkness snuck up on me before I got the chance to photograph them.

Milkglass vases: around $1 each
IKEA ornaments: $2.49/6
Pine: $5.99
Flowers: $5.99
Green ribbon: $2.50
Fishing line: $1.50
Listening to Christmas Pandora while I put it all together: Priceless


7 responses to “an urban casita christmas

  1. Spreading the christmas around the house….brilliant idea.

  2. Okay, now I feel inspired to decorate. Maybe. Anyway….CUTE!

  3. I like it! No room for a tree here either (and keeping cats out of it as well) so I do similar.

    I must say what caught my eye, though, was the snow outside the window! I remember those days growing up in the Midwest. We get them once in a while here in Portland (OR) as well, but I just got the memory of warm house, bone chilling cold snow outside. Stay warm!

  4. Simple and gorgeous and festive, too! A Happy New Year to you!

  5. i love the ornaments hanging in the window- what an adorable idea!

  6. Hi…I found you at Show Off Your Cottage. Your mantel is peferct and I love the mirror. I always tend to be symmetrical when I hang things and I think it worked peferctly here. Well done! I’m your newest follower…come visit my blog if you have time. Thanks…~Ann

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