the goods (what he got)

christmas 2010

I love giving presents. Here’s what I got The Mister.

christmas 2010

See? It’s a chalkboard Capitalist Pig! He wasted no time in writing HDTV on it, though with my increasingly anti-everything-but-HBO stance, the likelihood of that happening is little. Once he opened the gift in the first photo his tune changed to something a bit more manageable: a carrying case for his new Diana camera. Yes, that’s real life film up there. A little tough to find these days.

christmas 2010

christmas 2010

Here we have a neat little travel journal complete with small folders for ephemera pasted inside. How many times have I tried valiantly to save travel ticket and train stubs, interesting receipts and postcards, only to find them jammed into a side luggage pocket while packing for the next trip? Oh, every single trip I take. I have an entire plastic bin full of such little pieces. One day I’ll get around to cataloging everything but for our upcoming getaway this will do quite nicely. The notebook would have made for an easy DIY job and if we can be disciplined enough to use it in 2011 I’ll make some for the next year’s voyages; it will also provide an opportunity to do some nightly analog journaling.

christmas 2010

Almost forgot one of my favorite ones! This is the in-process photo of a gym towel I sewed out of an old t-shirt he no longer wears. It’ll come in handy on the beach, too.

The last present will be given next week while we’re on our trip. Can’t say what it is just yet! What presents did you love to give? Did everyone’s face light up all magic-like?


7 responses to “the goods (what he got)

  1. where did you get that travel journal!?!?!? love it!!!

  2. Nice gifts! love the chalkboard pig, great idea, I didn’t even know they made such a thing! Can I order them in bulk?
    I really failed this year in my standard SOCKS gift. I’m not sure why, but my hubby LOVES getting new socks. Instead, I got him some new work gloves for the yard. He seems to go through these as fast as socks. Can’t say his face lit up “all magic-like” but I think once he uses these this spring, he’ll fall in love with me all over again. *wink

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