apartment resolutions

living room work in progress

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I like my apartment; I might even love it. But I’m, oh, I don’t know… bored. I’m pleased with most of our fully decorated rooms but as of right now I have no desire to work on the ones that still need some furniture/elbow grease/love.

Take the TV stand above. It was found in the basement of our apartment building, a relic of someone’s kitchen, maybe even my own unit’s. I hauled it outside on a warm day this summer and cleaned it to the best of my ability with a plan to spray paint it fire engine red. As the weather got cooler it remained unpainted and with temps hovering in the teens and twenties since December, it will stay that way until spring. Point is, it doesn’t belong in the living room. As cool as I think it looks, the damn thing makes me feel like I live in a dorm room. I’d prefer something a little more finished.

Apartment Resolution One: get a new TV stand.

living room work in progress

Apartment Resolution Two: sew some freaking covers for pillows to place atop these bane-of-my-existence-knockoff-Barcelona-chairs.

Apartment Resolution Three: get rid of that crappy white wobbly bookshelf.

slate hallway after

Apartment Resolution Four: put up art in the slate hallway.

Apartment Resolution Five: paint the bathroom the same slate color.

These all seem attainable, no? If I can just complete one, I know that my lethargy and my who-gives-a-s***-attitude will both be stopped dead in their tracks. Just one task. I think I’ll take a sledgehammer to the white shelf. That seems the easiest project for now.


7 responses to “apartment resolutions

  1. I hear ya! I’m feeling the same way about my house. We’ve rearranged the living room as best we can, but now it needs some *dare I say it* more stuff. I just purchased a new rug for the room, but it’s a small thing, and I need more. I love what you’ve done with your place so far, I’m sure the gumption you need will come soon. I’m hoping mine does too. You may want to check out http://ana-white.com/ for some awsome bookshelf ideas that are easy to build yourself. Good luck!

  2. my 2011 apartment resolutions…

    + stop it/start it:

    clutter – i have papers everywhere and my drop off point is my dining room table as it’s the first room as you come into my apt.

    putting everything back in it’s place once i’m finished using it. this especially goes for shoes and clothes. by mid-week i end up with 18 pair of shoes by the door, scarves on the table etc.

    get a (nicer) rug for the living room. bought one and as i don’t have a vacuum (wood floors) its dusty and so i took it up.

    and the last is to not bring in anything new until i either fix the things that i have there or get rid of something else.

    • Again, jealous about the rug situation. I hear you on the last one– I need to get rid of a lot but it’s so hard for me to let stuff go!

  3. These are nice, achievable goals. If it’s any consolation, I think your home looks cozy and beautiful as is! I’m the type that’s never quite satisfied with a space, too. It’s usually at it’s maximum efficiency one month before I move on to the next place 🙂

  4. Is that a Marvel metal kitchen cabinet?!?

    Mister and I are looking for these to replace the crappy builder-grade wood ones currently in our kitchen. We actually picked up one set locally today, but still need a few more pieces – this being one of them. Want to put it up for adoption?

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

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