all wood everything

cold chicago evening @ our house

I’ve been on a serious wood kick lately; I can’t get enough of the stuff. Teak, birch, cherry, bamboo, maple. I scoop up mostly bowls from thrift store for less than a buck a piece and gave some of the nicer ones for Christmas this year.

tis the season

This was to be a gift for Evan B, our favorite woodworker, but it never reached his hands. Here’s a tip: don’t plant anything in wood unless it’s specially treated to handle the moisture. I didn’t realize that it would be a problem until I came home and found this bowl completely halved and dirt all over my desk. I wish I had kept a camera on it so I could see how it broke so cleanly.

all wood everything

all wood everything

These are really abundant in any thrift shop. And if you don’t feel like digging, hunting, searching, of course Etsy comes to the rescue. They’ll be quite a bit pricier: $42 for a set of four here, $35 for some similar to the pair I got for $1 in the top photo, and $26 for a match with the one directly above. Happy thrifting!


3 responses to “all wood everything

  1. I never would have though the wood would break in half from the dirt, either! These wooden plates are so abundant at the thrift stores around here that it’s sad to pass them. But you only need so many plates…

  2. thanks meg. i enjoy the blue pot just a much.

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