thrifted: clothing edition


I hit my weight loss goal. Twenty pounds down since the beginning of September and not a lick of exercise was involved; I simply counted every single calorie I put into my body, started eating breakfast, drank a ton of water and cut down immensely on ordering out. We haven’t used GrubHub since the fall (we were averaging three delivered meals a week), and instead only eat high calorie meals when we’re with friends or for celebratory occasions. That equals about two or three cheat meals every seven days and we still hit our goals earlier than expected. Proud.

The weight loss means that we’ve both been walking around in too-big clothes.  I’ve got a dozen pairs of jeans sitting in the guest room for my next trip to Goodwill (if you’re a size 8 to 12, I may have some for you!). It was time to shop.



Disclosure:  I didn’t truly thrift for my new threads.  Still keeping it secondhand, I got lazy and hit up Buffalo Exchange, the used clothing chain near our apartment instead of one of my tried and true resale haunts.  I spent a little more than I would have liked because of this but the prices were nowhere near what they would have been with new clothes.  This dress: $27.  It has a slip underneath and is a heavy-weight fabric: perfect for winter and spring.


I’ve never browsed Topshop but have seen it mentioned on various fashion blogs. Imagine my surprise at the price for this insanely soft sweater dress: $10.



Free People sweater. $21.


I did a little research and found out that this Sparrow brand comfy sweater is from Anthropologie.  $14. God, I love a deal.

I didn’t go thrifting this weekend which means I’ll have to do some shopping during the week. On the hunt for bookshelves, dish towels and fabric.

Happy Monday!

PS More outfit posts are coming. I like the challenge of making myself presentable enough to photograph.  I will always include a “more” line in future outfit/fashiony posts so you can skim past and ignore them if you choose think they’re lame.

PPS I realize my baseboards look filthy in these pics. They’re not. This is a crappy old building. You probably already know that.


13 responses to “thrifted: clothing edition

  1. Love each look. You got some great pieces and look great in them. Props on the weight loss! That little polka dot dress is adorable. I enjoy outfit posts. Especially thrifted/vintage ones. Glad to see more are coming.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. Very good for you.

  3. You look amazing in each piece! The fact that you lost weight with calorie counting alone instead of exercise inspires me, I can stand behind that! Not because I don’t want to exercise, but because a writer has little time to. 🙂

    Time to get strict with counting them calories…break out the measuring cups…

    • Exercise was a hard thing for me time-wise, too. I also didn’t realize how easy it would be to limit my calories and pay attention to what I was eating. If you have an iPhone I would recommend the MyNetDiary app. It was really helpful in tabulating all of our food choices and the simple act of writing down everything we ate made us super conscious of every single bite!

  4. you go girl! you look great!

    I, too, have lost some poundage, but I did it by (sort of) watching my food intake, eating LOTS of apples, & other fruit & walking my (relatively) new doggie EVERY freakin’ day —two or three times for at least 15 minutes each, but usually more. A WORKING pedometer on my new iPod Nano also inspires me to walk 10,000 steps a day —it’s very motivating. So nice to fit into clothes that I’ve kept around & thrifting for ‘new’ ones.

    Not that I noticed until you mentioned it, but if you don’t want to look at the icky baseboards in these photos for the rest of your life, set up some background props to hide it before the shoot. I’m surprised that YOU didn’t think of that……..

    • Congrats on the new doggie! Apples are a great snack, they taste great and fill you up with the added benefit of sugar! Who doesn’t want more sugar when watching what they eat, right? I should get a pedometer…

      RE: baseboards. I should definitely cover them up next time. I truly think I have to paint them. Grrrrr, more painting!

  5. dab / old brand new

    Sweet finds! It all fits you so well. I wish I could find more thrifty clothes. The girls always have better stuff. Jealous!

    • The Mister says the same thing– always easier to thrift for the ladies! But I have seen some gorgeous men’s coats at the thrifts lately. I bet there will be even more come Spring!

  6. Meg you are so damn cute. You remind me of my secret girlfriend in my head, Amber Rose. (That is a compliment- I hope you don’t think she’s gross) And I love buying nice cheap shit- way to go on those purchases!

  7. you look lovely & slim, I am working my way down to a 12 😉

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