back porch chronicles: the great chicago snowstorm of 2011

my urban casitaJune.

the great chicago snowstorm of 2011Tonight.

It is thundersnowing as I write this, folks.  THUNDERSNOWING.  Is it wrong that I LOVE IT?  I just came from a fifteen minute drive-the-dog-crazy-by-spinning-around-in-the-back-yard session and as long as we hold on to our power, I am on top of the world.  We have shelter, food, wine, beer, a comfortable bed, Netflix Instant via Roku, my D3000, his Diana camera, long underwear, the aforementioned doggie and each other.  Hello, snow day.

the great chicago snowstorm of 2011

The wind hasn’t knocked off any of my outdoor plates so far.  I took one off a few weeks ago due to an incessant rattle and it will go right back up as soon as this mess dies down.


the great chicago snowstorm of 2011

People always ask me how I can live in Chicago after years spent in the Virgin Islands and California. My answer: Chicago is just that amazing. Or the Midwest in general is that amazing. Watching the seasons change, trouncing around in snow boots on the same blocks I traverse in flip-flops; there’s something beautiful about that to me. And I know how to dress. My dad always says that there is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing. Layer up accordingly.

the great chicago snowstorm of 2011

Wind chimes work really great in thundersnow. Recognize.

Chicagoans/Midwesterners/Inclement-Weather-Inflicted-Folk: I hope you’re safe tonight.

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6 responses to “back porch chronicles: the great chicago snowstorm of 2011

  1. I love it too!! There’s actually snow on the INSIDE of my screen door at this very moment, I can hear the wind whistling past my windows, and every now and then a huge lightning bolt cracks and illuminates the most magnificent snow-scape you could ever imagine! Midwest is best. Period. 🙂

  2. Hurray for the snow day! Pretty, pretty princess Reese will not step out this morning. Must think of a plan to lure her out later, it’s too pretty to miss.

  3. Linda Lacy-Hodge

    I am watching the snow from a distance………on my TV along with Aziza who is stranded 🙂 here with me! I DO NOT

  4. Linda Lacy-Hodge

    Oops. I DO NOT miss the snow and will not come back to be in the snow. PERIOD.

    Mama Linda

  5. belated response — for some reason that post would not open the other day. I miss thunder & lightning! Don’t recall ever seeing lightning when it’s snowing, but instantly got a mental image…… cool!

    Hooray for snow days! (as long as your safe & warm). I’ve been living vicariously through my sissy in Missouri the past week. She drives a school bus & says she’ll drive two weeks in June to make up for this —no problem! — she’s been snow bound & having a blast doing projects, cleaning, reading, knitting, RELAXING! I could definitely go for a few days of that!

    I just heard a similar phrase recently — no bad weather, just bad clothing.

    save a snowball in the freezer & blast someone with it this summer 🙂 —ok, it’ll probably be an iceball by that time so don’t hit ’em in the head :-0

  6. This Floridian is fascinated by your photos of snow! I want to take a pilgrimage to see the white stuff this year, it’s been years. Unlike you, I don’t know how to dress. So I whine about the cold here in Florida like it’s something serious 🙂

    Oh, perhaps a post from you on how to properly layer for winter! I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to…

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