the aftermath

chicago snowstorm of 2011

This was our block around 3pm on Wednesday afternoon.

The Mister and I headed out into the snow on the day after the blizzard to forage for food and drinks and to relieve our cabin fever. We brought cameras and trudged happily through the snow drifts, grateful for our adult snow day.

chicago snowstorm of 2011

We were able to walk right down the middle of Damen. The main streets in our area were completely clear within an hour of the last snowfall. Streets and sanitation did an excellent job if you don’t count the Lakeshore Drive snafu. Still, the only things moving on the roads, other than legs, were trucks since the side streets were completely blocked by drifts of up to six feet.

chicago snowstorm of 2011

chicago snowstorm of 2011

Ouch. Wouldn’t want to be the one digging this guy out. We managed to free one of our cars from the hard packed snow by Friday morning and have left the second vehicle parked for now.

chicago snowstorm of 2011

I took this shot looking east down Division Street at Damen. Never have I seen the street so deserted.

chicago snowstorm of 2011

I loved this storm. I loved the thundersnow, I loved the day off, I loved our walk, I even loved shoveling the front walk.

Midwest is best always, more so with twenty-two inches of snow.


6 responses to “the aftermath

  1. Am really jealous. Cinci only got a little snow and a bit of ice. Wish I could have come home for it.

  2. I love the pictures. Living in South Florida it’s hard to imagine. You brought it to life.
    Thank you!

  3. I would love to play in that snow! I was surprised to read there was even snow in Texas. I wish we could get just a little snow in North Florida!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog. It’s wonderful. We seem to have some things in common. I’m in the Chicago burbs (though I wish I lived in the city) and love, love Ready Made magazine (so cool you write for it!!), photography and thrift stores. The best thrift store in the area is out in Aurora called Thrift and Dollar. It’s the size of a gutted Kmart and is filled – I mean filled with chairs, dishes, couches, dressers…’ll be dazzled. I blog as well but because of school (I’m in seminary at Chicago Theological Seminary) and parenting I had to take a break. I miss it. Please email me if you want to venture out to Aurora some time. I know, we don’t know one another but I just think we’d get along. There aren’t too many of us in the burbs so I just thought I’d try to connect. Do you ever have urban casita photography classes? Your photos are beautiful and I need help! have a great day.

    • Oh, Kathryn, I have heard so much about that thrift store! I can’t wait to visit it soon, and I will totally let you know when I make it out there. Youg blog is gorgeous, I am adding it to my reader. I am not the best at the whole photography thing but if you need tips I am so happy to help out. You can email me anytime: megan AT urbancasita DOT com. I am going to go read your site now 🙂

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