not-thrifted: the clothing edition

Alright, alright. None of this is thrifted. None of it is home-related.

Let’s face it: it’s winter, it’s cold, there’s no spray painting or house decorating going on in this apartment and it’s becoming hard for me to blog about anything having to do with decor. Hell, I wrote about old-school bowling and alley traipsing at ReadyMade this week! Nothing even resembling home & garden. It’s a winter rut, sue me.

So, this is what this is: me doing my best Clueless impersonation– but instead of Polaroids for my outfits, I’m using my Nikon and making The Mister pose, too. We have a wedding to go to in Boston this weekend. A wedding for two of our most favorite people on the entire planet, so I’m super excited. Only there’s the clothing issue. The photos you see above are what I most likely will be wearing if you don’t castigate me for doing so in the comments. I tried on my tried-and-true little black dress and… no. It’s too big. And it’s too, ahem, sexy for a Sunday afternoon Catholic wedding if I may say so myself. Not that I’m calling myself sexy, cause that’s not what’s going on here. I just think it’s a little too short for the priests. I went to Catholic schools. I know they would frown upon my LBD.

The vintage blue dress I was planning on pairing with black tights if the LBD didn’t work out is also too big.

But this little Forever 21 number from 2009 is not. It fits well; pairs okay with black tights and a sweater for covering up my new, under-construction tattoo (her name is Doris, after my Grandma. What, you don’t name your tattoos?).

Tell the truth? Can I wear this to the wedding? Do you like all the ruffles? Does the dress really go with the black tights and sweater? Is it screaming too-summery?

I trust you not to have me in the streets looking crazy. Off to pack. I’m back in PJs, long socks and house shoes now.


14 responses to “not-thrifted: the clothing edition

  1. The wedding outfit looks great!

  2. Super cute…and girl you look so teeny tiny!

  3. You look lovely in this dress. It is so you.

  4. Hey for Forever 21 2009 is like the rest of the world’s vintage 😉
    Dress looks great on you, good pick!

  5. lovely skinny girl. i have some ways to go before i reach may status.

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  7. Hi – Love your blog! I was wondering where you got the Ile-Ife calendar on your wall? Apologies for being nosy!

  8. Just where is the facebook like link ?

  9. Thank you all for the comments! You made me feel very confident yesterday at the wedding; it was beautiful. Pics soon come.

    @cherchezlacurl, the calendar is from my husband’s side of the family. His mother and father taught at the university and this is one of the items The Mister has held onto for a long time. It’s been on the wall in all four of our apartments and is one of my favorite pieces ever.

  10. love love love the dress and i think it’s perfect for a wedding. ps: congrats on getting too skinny for your other dresses, you look great!

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