living room blah

This is a funky corner to try to get a shot of due to the teensy amounts of light that enter our living room. I haven’t done much work on it since that post. Sigh.

I kinda rearranged the white shelf I hate and it’s a little more appealing though I still think it belongs in a dumpster. By now you’ve probably figured out that we have piles of books everywhere. They completely take over the apartment because I can’t give any up, ever. Not even crappy, brain crack books I buy for long flights (Richard North Patterson! The drama! The intrigue!). I can’t donate them, I can’t sell them. I do lend them out but it’s always a regret because they never even up back in my possession.

We took down our Olalekan Jeyifous originals and put them in storage. IKEA frames don’t do this amazing artist (and also my brother-in-law) justice, so we decided to keep the art in the room in the family and stapled a tapestry from my Nigerian father-in-law’s travels home in their place until we can get the funds to display the prints properly. This particular piece of fabric had been folded up for years and was happy to see some life on the wall.

living room work in progress

Along with a pillow cover I sewed and blogged about at ReadyMade last week, Mr. Sway is more fun too look at than the rest of the space. I’m not sure why this one room terrorizes me so.

+ the floors are a raw wooden mess
+ the couch is possibly too big for the room
+ the coffee table is possibly too big for the room
+ the white shelf needs to die a sledge-hammer death
+ we need more lighting
+ the Barcelona chairs still need cushions
+ it is hopeless

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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13 responses to “living room blah

  1. perhaps paint, add more pillows and put something interesting on the coffee table? you could also try just changing the drapes.

    • The drapes are a must. Once the windows got replaced, the white curtains went away. I’ve been looking for a pattern I like to sew. I think I forgot about that; back on the hunt. Thank you!

  2. Don’t be hatin’ on those shelves! I could totally use them! They may not be beautiful, but they are very functional! Use them in a closet, in the kitchen as a pantry, turn ’em on their side (looks like there is no obvious top or bottom and even if the bottom is ‘raw’ particle board —which is likely—- you can camouflage it or put that side against a wall or —- you get the picture)

    I’ve had similar white shelves for EVER & have used them in many different ways. I’ve ‘decoupaged’ fabric on a couple (looks cool), tiled a couple (results so-so), used contact paper (b/w checks) to cover one (easy, cheap & cute), tension rods with fabric to hide stuff, etc. Unless they are really rickety & wobbly, I’d say just use them elsewhere, but don’t sledge ’em! πŸ™‚

    The coffee table might be a bit too big for that room, but the pics didn’t really show the whole space well.

    Get some huge plants.

    Try separating the chaise from the other part of the sofa….

    ok, I’m tired now πŸ™‚

    • You’re right. They may be perfect in the closet. But in real life, looking at them every day? A no-go! Huge plants sounds like a great idea. I know you’re a pro, have any suggestions? I know if you’re tired than I must be going crazy! πŸ™‚

  3. That looks a lot like our gigantic book stack! Love it πŸ™‚

  4. I think perhaps a smaller coffee table. Instead of stapling the fabric, how about hanging it on the wall on a rod like a curtain? Or you could staple it to a canvas and hang it that way? What about a rug on the floor?

    Love your blog!

    • The tapestry is really huge– it stretches the whole length of the room. I know it sounds crazy but it doesn’t look dorm-ish. A curtain rod might be a great idea though. I would love to do a rug but the darn dog really trashed the last one…

  5. My place is littered with books on the floor, too, so I was thinking of getting a similar white bookcase for my home and now you got me second guessing myself. Probably cos I don’t really love the look either but maybe by adding some legs to it will be better? Or maybe wall to wall floating shelves is the way to go.

    I think your sectional looks good but I agree, coffee table could be smaller but maybe it just needs to be a different color. Oh, living rooms, always a working progress. Mine is all kinds of craze too.

    • Wall shelves are the way to go! The Expedit and the knock-off version I have are nothing but a hassle, in my opinion. Your living room is fabulous, I’m trying to be like you! Don’t buy the white shelf!

  6. I think I just fell in love with your sectional.
    Where is it from?! I would assume Ikea because thats how I would roll haha

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  8. Wouhou. I fell crazy in love with your sofa. It is even closer to my dream-sofa than the idea of my dream-sofa I had rocking my mind before, haha.
    For the room… I can’t really judge, as I cannot see the whole room on the pics, but I’d definitely go with the suggestion of a big plant. Maybe something “exotic”? I was catched by the idea of growing my own cinnamon:
    I personally prefer framed stuff on the walls and as -as far as I can see- those you have there are pretty nice: so I hope you find adequate frames soon πŸ™‚

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