putting up a mirror, spackle and forgetfulness

spackle & cowlicks

Who knew putting up a mirror could be so easy?

Well, easy if you’re more patient than I am and actually use a level as directions suggest or pay attention to where you’re drilling when you drill. Because of my haste to put the mirror up, I flubbed some of the measurements and ended up having to spackle a few areas of the mutilated wall (I even took the time to pull some nails and screws out of other yucky walls in our apartment and spackled them, too) but the actual mirror installation took minutes. This KOLJA mirror from IKEA had been sitting underneath a couch in the guest room for months. I avoided putting it up initially because I was drill-less and I think I plumb forgot about even owning it until this morning when I looked up at my iPhoto masterpiece and decided that I needed a change.

apartment foolishness

This is how impatient and non-perfectionist I truly am: I had the level out and just didn’t use it. What is wrong with me?

apartment foolishness

Once the mirror was up I figured I’d change around some of the stuff atop the credenza and contemplated putting these two pieces next to it. My Gram gave them to me years ago and they’re another item I just forgot I owned.

instamatic #2!

The Instamatic. I had forgotten about this one, too. It was purchased at my first estate sale last year, tossed into my trunk with some other thrifty items and it stayed there until last week when we finally cleaned out the boot. I shrieked with joy upon its discovery, I won’t even lie.


The Instamatic joined its friend on the credenza and the artwork went into another room of the house. Just didn’t work for me out here.

thrifted basket

thrifted basket

I stole the basket from the bathroom, where it held nothing but a hairdryer my pixie-cut-having-behind hadn’t used in months, maybe even years. I padded it with scarves and it’ll replace the white bowl that used to live there and act as a catch-all for cell phones and wallets.

apartment foolishness

I love changing it up for free, with items already in my possession. Now if this spackle would just dry already…

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2 responses to “putting up a mirror, spackle and forgetfulness

  1. Everything looks great. Cameras are stylin’! And I totally want those needle artwork your grandma gave ya. So beautiful and so fun. I just mutilated one of my walls too. I used those 3M hooks, I heard they’re safe but it tore off like 3 inches of paint. My Korean landlord is gonna go apeshit on me! hah.

    • Thanks, Dabito! All that talk about vignettes got me motivated. Good luck with your walls… I’ve become a pretty adept spackler over the years, so that helps minimize the damage. I’ll post pics of where the artwork went soon… the light in that specific room is so funky!

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