wishing for spring

It’s so cold. I think the high today in Chicago was a whopping thirty-five degrees. Sure, it’s light out at 7pm and the sun was shining for most of the day but I’m clad in leggings, jeans, a tank top, a tee-shirt and a chunky sweater. This can’t be right. I went back through the March archives of this here website and by the 29th of the month the back porch was well on its way to becoming an extension of our apartment. It was warm, dammit!

That window is wide open. There was probably a breeze coming through it. The sun was shining. I may have walked out to the back porch and cracked a cold beer after snapping the photo; surely Sway’s paws would have click-clack-click-clacked behind me and he would have lay down next to my orange chair, put his head up near my hand and bullied me into scratching behind his ears. How I want that scenario to play out at this moment.

Instead, I’m sitting in the kitchen, all of our windows closed tight. The heat is pouring from the floor vents, probably costing a fortune, and my sweater is starting to feel itchy. Come on, warmth. Let’s go.

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