putting it into the universe

I am… sipping my large, whole milk, four-shot, one pump of fig vanilla black pepper syrup latte. Yeah, I’m one of those long-order-having-girls. The folks at my local cafe don’t even make me speak it anymore; I just nod sleepily when they acknowledge my presence and tip every time to thank them from saving me the embarrassment. This particular drink has been serving me well since I was 17 year-old barista and the addition of the Jo Snow syrup instead of regular vanilla just pushes it over the edge. You should order it sometime.

The thrifts open in about ten minutes and I am toe-tapping and ready to go. I figured I would make a short list and put my desires out there to see what would happen; maybe I’ll get lucky. What are you looking for this weekend?


9 responses to “putting it into the universe

  1. What cafe do you go to? I don’t think I’ve had Jo Snow syrups yet but would love to try them (I think maybe Cipollina in Wicker Park has them?)

  2. It’s Monday morning – did you find/restrain/indulge in something good?

  3. So excited you love the fig vanilla black pepper syrup. It is the flavor I thought no one would like, but people are digging it! You can get a latte with the fvbp syrup at Cafe Mustache, Kitchen Sink, Swim Cafe, along with Milk & Honey & Cipollina. They also make a cocktail with it at the Red Canary! Ipsento has the Cardamom Rose Water syrup, also tasty šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the love!

  4. Girl, that latte sounds AMAZING!!!!!! LA needs some of that love.

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