radermachera aka china doll aka super-easy houseplant

This little sucker has grown a lot in the six or seven months since its purchase. Commonly known as china doll, it is one of the easiest plants I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve treated my doll pretty poorly and have still gotten great results. It might be because I superstitiously pay my flora in the form of coins atop the soil but that wouldn’t explain all of the other little guys I have killed, now would it?

Plant literature says that radermachera is not cool with temperatures below sixty, likes to be root-bound and only wants water when dry to the touch. It needs four to five hours of bright indirect light a day and dislikes any major changes in its day-to-day care, so keep it in one place with little to no temperature fluctuation, water it on a schedule and it will grow big and tall for you in record time! Happy purchasing; please don’t kill yours.


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