selector okunola: malin kpon o, 1975

Turn your speakers up. Thanks.

We listen to good music in this house. I mean really, really good music. Toe-tapping-have-you-dancing-around-the-apartment-not-caring-who-is-looking-inside-dog-going-all-crazy-jumping-up-on-you kind of music. I figure it’s only fair to share some of it once a week, right?

[Though we know how my previous series have all worked out; let’s cross our fingers for this one to last, shall we?]

The Mister, aka Selector Okunola, as I have decided to christen him, has agreed to supply me with video and/or audio linkage to some of the stuff he plays for me on a daily basis. This man, who can sit in front of the computer for hours virtually digging in the crates, has put me on to more good music than any radio station or music website ever could. I wouldn’t want to keep all this goodness to myself, now would I?

Okunola picked a song called Malin Kpon O by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, a group from Benin for his first share today. Originally released in 1975, the song received new attention this century when The Vodoun Effect: Funk & Sato from Benin’s Obscure Labels, 1973-1975 was released by Analog Africa in 2008. Enjoy– and don’t forget to toe-tap.


9 responses to “selector okunola: malin kpon o, 1975

  1. i said last time i’ll say it again…….. you guys missed a PHEEENOMENAL show that Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou put on last summer at millenium park. consider how dope ‘malin kpon o’ is…. now quadruple that vibe, that energy, that sonic feel……….
    i was blissed out the rest of the week after that.
    anyway, GREAT article. meg! this is my speed…….

  2. I had no idea where Benin was. I feel like I needed to come clean on that point. Thanks, Urban Casita and Google Maps!

  3. I love Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo! Yes, make this a weekly column!!!

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