positive friday: get ‘er done

Hello, disastrous bathroom! And hello, Friday! Bathroom, you will be dealt with on Saturday. Friday, you have gotten us one day closer to Saturday. Make nice with each other now, will you?

So, guys (or mostly gals): I have a really exciting weekend coming up. First of all, I am headed to An Orange Moon’s Citizen Shay show and sale tonight with three girlfriends who mean the world to me. After that, we are going to hear some (hopefully) good music and enjoy some adult beverages around my way. And after that, when I wake up on Saturday, THE WINDOW WASHERS WILL BE HERE. And while the window washers are here I will be taping off the bathroom. By the time they leave, I plan to be in the throes of painting. How excited are you for me? Painted bathroom + clean windows? Epic.

Seriously though, I am very excited for the weekend. I need it. I picked up the yellow towel you see above at the thrifts a few weeks ago and I am in love. Coupled with my cheap-couldn’t-find-anything-I-like shower curtain from IKEA, the towel almost makes it look like I picked a palate for my bathroom on purpose. I completely did not, by the way, and am still searching for the perfect curtain. Suggestions, give ’em to me. The bathroom is slated to get painted a slate gray. I am sorry I could not think of a pun witty enough to better describe that.

Also on the agenda:

– Cleaning out the pantry
– Watching Part II of Mildred Pierce
– Finding a mentor (like that will be easy)
– Taking lots of photos
– Putting away the winter clothes
– Mapping out a plan for the back porch and it’s plant companions
– Finishing the non-fiction sections of the April issue of The Sun Magazine
– Watching The Fighter (it’s On Demand!)

Happy, happy Friday to you all.


5 responses to “positive friday: get ‘er done

  1. You’re putting away winter clothes? Optimistic move! I wore my parka this morning to work. I’m going to be tempted to set fire to it pretty soon – my winter weariness is turning into rage.

    I have had “find a mentor” on a to-do list for a year. I’m unclear how one does that.

    • Rage is the correct word. I have been wearing the same thing the last month anyways— white tee, jeans, sweater. I’m so tired of everything else and need it banished from my closet even if I do have to be a little cold for awhile!

  2. Yes, to watching Part 2 of Mildred Pierce. I read that they bought the prop pies for the shoot from a bakery here in LA. I might go this weekend to see if they taste as good as they look. Also, mentor? Yes, sadly, me too!

  3. When I say “sadly” I meant, I haven’t found one yet.

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