thrifted: the spring & summer dresses edition

This is the photo where I get caught dancing around my back porch on an eighty degree April day.

Dress by who knows, thrifted at Salvation Army on Clybourn, $4.20.

This is the one where I curtsey just for you.

Dress by Old Navy, thrifted at Salvation Army on Clybourn, $4.20.

This is the one where I look semi-normal, albeit with the wrong shoes. I was in a hurry! Tell me, what kind of sandal would you wear with this cute vintage number?

Dress, purchased during Second Fridays at Knee Deep Vintage in Pilsen, $12.

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6 responses to “thrifted: the spring & summer dresses edition

  1. i’m on the hunt for some dresses, esp for our upcoming JA trip. i want to lose these last few lbs and then i’m getting my shop on.

    • I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to pay less than $5 for a dress. I was in Target and saw a slew of cute sundresses for over $20, which would seem so cheap to some, but all I kept thinking was that that money could pay for four dresses! LOL.

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  4. Disagree with Finizia: I don’t think Debra looks like she tried to hard. If you’ve followed her blog posts you can see that most of what she owns flows toegehtr. It is her look. She has combined elements she loves. It may look like she tried hard because if the average person took the things in their wardrobe and tried to combine them it may not “flow”. Debra’s style is hers. I think her message all along is to find your own. She’s found hers and I have no judgement. To compare here with the woman with the DIOR suit is like apples and oranges. They can’t be compared. That is the point. No comparisons are necessary.

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