wanna-be farmers day six: failure & pea shoots

wanna-be farmers day 6
We are trying to become backyard and balcony farmers. Read the first post here.

Gross, huh? Looks like our orange half experiment didn’t work out as planned. Over the weekend, we noticed mold popping up on top of the dirt in our oranges. By Monday evening it had spread to the tray and the sides of the citrus fruits. After swatting away a few fruit flies, we decided to call it: the orange experiment had failed. While the mold may not be a huge issue to the plant directly, it was causing me to sneeze and the flies were not welcome in our apartment. The two of us sadly tossed the oranges into the garbage (if only we had our compost bin ready!) this morning and bid them farewell.


wanna-be farmers day 6

wanna-be farmers day 6

Check out those pea shoots! Our very first sprouts popped up overnight and made the loss of our citrus seedlings a little bit easier to swallow. Did you know that you can eat pea shoots and tendrils? The entire plant is edible; I was reminded of this while browsing through spring menus from years past at MK. Pea tendrils have been on quite a few of our dishes, and they are commonplace at many Asian restaurants as well.

I’ve learned that it is wise to plant lots of peas to garner a decent harvest and plan to pop some more into our leftover peat pots this evening along with a packet of cilantro I forgot about while doing the initial planting. I’d like to have both peas and pea tendrils, so a much larger planting is required. Peas grow quickly and you can cut the top off once they reach about eight inches; this pushes the plant to keep growing. Apparently, you can keep cutting off the top two to six inches every three weeks and what you snip is totally edible! Pea tendrils taste almost exactly like… well, peas. I remember my first bite of them last year. It was weird to taste a familiar vegetable with a completely different texture and look.

We have two other tiny sprouts pushing through the soil so far. They were too small to photograph but so far, minus the orange issue, our little guys are doing well! Looks like we’ll need to build our raised bed sooner than expected…


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