happy birthday mama

You said the world was magic, I was wide eyed and laughing…

Happy 56th birthday Mommy!!!

In honor of what would be my mama’s 56th birthday, I captioned some of my favorite photos of her with some of her favorite songs.

Note: I tried to post this on April 16th, her official birthday, but the blubbering and yelling and raising my fists to the heavens came out so I thought it would be better to wait a few days for a clear head…

Please remember, this is a woman whose license plates read WHOOMP for the song Whoomp There It Is. Needless to say, she had some eclectic music tastes.

I offer thanks to those before me…. that’s all I’ve got to say…. cause maybe you’ve squandered big bucks in your lifetime, but now I have to pay…but then again it feels like some sort of inspiration, to let the next life off the hook… she’ll say look what I had to overcome from my last life? I think I’ll write the book….

“Galileo,” Indigo Girls
I don’t want no one to squeeze me – they might take away my life

“Give Me One Reason,” Tracy Chapman

Note: Please check out the EAR CUFF in this photo.  I can’t stop laughing and yes, I completely remember trying to steal it.  I think I’ll bring those back in the ’11.

And I never lost one minute of sleep; worrying about the way things might have been…

“Proud Mary,” TINA!

You see I cried just a little too long… now it’s time for me to move on…

“Hopeless,” Dionne Farris


4 responses to “happy birthday mama

  1. Tanisha Woodson-Shelby


    This is a beautiful way to commemorate your mother. It’s evident that you have a her spark.



  2. Just beautiful.

  3. Thanks, ladies. 🙂

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