selector okunola: don’t talk (close your eyes), 2010

The man behind Selector Okunola, sipping on a cold clementine vodka tonic, above.

He’s picked a good one this week– a mash-up of The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Talk {Put Your Head On My Shoulder}” and the ‘essence’ of legendary producer Jay Dee aka Jay Dilla’s beats, done by British producer Buillion.

From website Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs:

Bullion took “Pet Sounds” and ran it through his interpretation of J Dilla’s sound; his legacy. It’s more of a re-imagining, answering the question that I’m sure no one has ever asked: “What would it sound like if J Dilla produced ‘Pet Sounds’?”

As a commenter on the original song left on YouTube put it: This could get you laid.

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