thrift wish list

More glass jars, please.

It feels like spring today! Finally, right?

I’m stuck at the house– on the porch to be exact– as painters are currently going to work on the baseboards and moldings in our front room. Sure, we could have DIY’d it and sure, you may be surprised to find that we decided not to; this is on our dear Mr. Landlord’s tab and I’m learning to let others do the work I don’t find any joy in. Painting the bathroom? Fun. Baseboards? Not so much.

Since I am housebound for the foreseeable future I am compiling a list of wants for my visit to the thrifts later on today (I hope).

  • Linens for the guest room.  Yes, I happily buy linens at thrift stores.  They key to avoiding bed bugs and other creepy germy crawlers is to leave the sealed bag of goods in your car for 24-48 hours, and then wash as normal.  Knock on wood, I have been safe so far and I use this method for everything from dresses to hand towels.
  • Wood.  Old pieces of wood, a door, or anything I can break down to use for a raised bed in the backyard.
  • Curtains.  Enough said.
  • A credenza to use as a TV stand.  Still on the hunt for this.  I’m losing faith.
  • Pots and other vessels for plants.  The back porch is shaping up but I know I’ll need more come May.
  • Art.  Our bedroom needs a major overhaul and some nice pieces for the wall will go a long way.
  • Clear glass jars or vases.  As you can see from the photo above, I’ve been doing some propagating.  There’s always room for more and I like watching the roots grow from the glass as opposed to a milk glass vase.

Great. After compiling this list I am itching to get out there. Couple more hours… What’re you looking for? Happy Saturday!


4 responses to “thrift wish list

  1. I’ve been hunting for a credenza/TV stand as well… usually the ones I come across are either too big, too expensive, or located too far away from the city to reasonably transport back.

    Love your plants in the vintage glassware, what type of plants are they? Brown Elephant usually has a lot of glassware/jars.

    • Cosign everything in your first sentence. I can’t seem to make the stars align on the credenza issue. No dice this week.

      The plant in the blueberry jar is a Christmas cactus and the one below it is a pothos, the easiest plant you can possibly grow! I stick cuttings into water all the time and they root within a week.

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  3. I am looking for a credenza too! Ditto on the too far or too expensive. Then I heard about a beautiful walnut one that a friend’s neighbor had just GIVEN away. Boo hoo! So don’t worry, ladies, our credenzas are out there!

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