weekend scores: trays, jars & planters


Trays were not on my list this weekend but I’ll take ’em. Perfect for back porch gatherings this summer. Here’s a similar teak tray on Etsy for $24 and the exact same tin tray for $8.



Glass jars were on my list. Six old school mason jars ran me thirty cents apiece. I’ve never seen this type of lid on a mason jar before. Some internet browsing tells me they are zinc lids and may date back to the 1800s! That doesn’t sound right to me, but the history of mason jars on Canning Pantry explains that the first mason jars in the 1850s did have this type of lid. A lot of two are going for about $18 on eBay.


I can’t resist this style of bowl. I’ve been known to use them as planters, which were also on my list. $2 each. You can purchase a larger one on Etsy for $16.

Not bad for a quick dash into one shop, huh? The Mister even got a few shirts, and I picked out a handful of dresses. Our grand total was around $20, thanks to Village Discount Outlet’s half-off Easter sale. How about you? Any good finds this weekend?

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One response to “weekend scores: trays, jars & planters

  1. I got a set of great retro kitchen glasses with turquoise, white and a bit of gold. I know you would like them.

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