the front room, rearranged

Hello, empty room and prancing dog! Moldings and baseboards are done! Rejoice in painters doing the work instead of us! Yay!

Now that that’s out of the way: with the front room (which acts as a foyer, library and office) empty we got to play around with where stuff went when we put it back.









Check out the little hanging planter in the last photo.  You can make your own in no time– check out my write-up of the easy little project at ReadyMade.

I’d venture to say that most folks who’ve seen photos of or who have even been in our apartment won’t notice the subtle changes. Being obsessive about my living space in a way that is probably not healthy means that I know exactly what’s new, moved, or omitted altogether. The front room isn’t exactly where I want it to be– a little too cluttered, to be honest– but there’s always room for more (and more and more) arranging in this household.


4 responses to “the front room, rearranged

  1. So cute! I love the little planter & your desk set up 🙂

  2. Um, you’re place is adorable. When I get a new place, can I have you come help decorate? Because that would be awesome.

  3. Thanks gals! I could try Jamie… but I don’t know what I’m doing half the time! 😉

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