thrifted: an iffy dress

I have two goals, fashiony-wise, for summer: to get a really low haircut, as close to a shaved head as I can handle, and to wear only dresses and skirts. I figure that if I go through with the former, then the latter will be necessary to offset mannishness. I’ve been stocking up on girly items at the thrift store lately and this dress is one of my favorite new finds. I love everything about it but the neckline. It’s too high and it feels like I am wearing a clerical collar. So I’m thinking of cutting it into a deep v-neck.

I’m wondering if I’ll be able to handle sewing in a hem where I cut my vee, so it’s a good thing that this dress cost a dollar. Wish me luck.

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8 responses to “thrifted: an iffy dress

  1. The easiest way to do a hem on a curve, that is what you’ll have to do when you cut the V – is to buy bias tape. It will cost you a couple of dollars but is much, much easier than trying to fold the cut area and hem.

    There are a lot of tutorials on the web on how to attach bias tape by machine, but by hand it should be straight forward enough…

    One last advice – cut less than you think you should – you can always cut more later.

    All the best.

  2. hem the bottom too. it’s a tad long for you. let it hit just under your calves.

  3. you could also consider a boat neckline which gives space on the neck and a little chest, if you like.

  4. What a score! You can totally make it work.
    I’m on the dresses and skirts for summer too. Scored 2 summer dresses from
    salvation army this weekend!

    • Danze, I find the Sal Army has the best selection of dresses of any thrift store near me. I wonder why? There’s always tons of gorgeous formal/wedding type wear at my local shop as well.

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