sunday #4

Today was good.


+ Planted up a storm
+ Chatted with my beautiful grandmother who seemed to be bird watching in a grocery store parking lot at the time
+ Got a call from my baby sister, wishing me a happy big sister’s day
+ Opened a Mother’s Day card from The Mister’s grandad aka Gramps
+ Made some kick-ass pasta
+ Watched GI Jane (it’s a great movie, judge me, I don’t care)
+ Started writing a post on the back porch updates made over the weekend… but just couldn’t do it

My back is spasming from all that gardening exertion (is spasming a word?), it’s getting cold out, I think there is permanent dirt underneath my fingernails and I have only the energy to finish my delicious Great Lakes Eliot Ness while seated comfortably in our little outdoor urban oasis sans computer, cell phone, radio, or light.

Just me, the dog, and city sounds — aaaand cue the siren. Hope you had a great weekend.

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