back porch chronicles: first of the season!

The Mister and I spend about 90% of our time on the back porch once the weather hits sixty degrees. We read, work, eat, have happy hour, tend to the plants, watch the dog bumble around in the backyard, and more recently, have been watching some of the NBA playoffs via the internet. Movies can’t be far behind. Ain’t technology grand? If I wasn’t so terrified of the roving alley rats we’d probably sleep out here, too.

Over the weekend we stopped at the nursery and picked up a few things. I repotted on Friday night and went back out during the afternoon on Saturday, finishing up a few odds and ends last night. This is my first time planting annuals and perennials– I usually just stick houseplants outside and pray for the best– and I’m really counting on myself not to kill them.

Perfect Size



Red Carpet & Creeping Jenny

Creeping Thyme & Something Whose Name I Forgot

Stock & Something Whose Name I Forgot

We used all kinds of vessels for planting: bowls, mason jars, tin cans, basins, teacups. I very much suggest making a list of all of your pots before heading out to purchase plants. It’s so easy to forget what you have on hand, and this way you can avoid the two trips I had to make.

Above is Day 2 of repotting. At the time of this photo, it was cold and cloudy, my back was spasming and I wanted nothing more than to lay down on a flat surface with my hands above my head. All that dirt lifting and scooping really takes a lot of of you.

On the non-pain front, if you’re interested in the little tin cans, check out a how-to I posted at ReadyMade this morning. It was the easiest little project I’ve ever embarked on and they look great.

I’ll post more photos as the space comes together. The plants certainly make it feel like summer is just around the corner.


2 responses to “back porch chronicles: first of the season!

  1. I think your little blue flower is an Ageratum. They are cute little things and we see a lot of them in Texas. They are also called Floss Flower. I like your pics and they easy way you write about your things. Planting in cans with the labels on reminds me of my Grandma’s way. Did you cut the neck out of your “iffy”? Your Aunt Gail told me about UrbanCasita. She is my next door neighbor and I just love both Gail and Tom. Good luck with your gardening. Pat Eaton

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