positive friday

Conference Finals, Folks!

Hot damn, I haven’t posted a positive friday since April 1st! Shame on me, but here I am.

This week’s highlight was trash. We found a wooden piece in the alley and turned it into a raised bed with no modifications, (I’m not bullshitting you; click on through), filled it with super fancy soil that my Papo dropped off last Saturday, and will add our seedlings to it over the weekend! I’m over-the-moon-excited that no building was required to make a space for our little guys. Papo also kindly gave us four large containers of arugula and they’re growing like nobody’s business. We’ll be having President Obama’s favorite veggie in salads and sandwiches by June.

Other than filling our bed, this weekend calls for cocktails with friends tonight and tomorrow, we will hit up The Vintage Bazaar! The mega fancy-flea is in Pilsen this year and you all know I love me some Pilsen. I also can’t wait to finally meet Katherine and Libby, the amazing duo behind this massive undertaking, and who I interviewed for ReadyMade last fall.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend… and be sure to watch the Bulls kick some ass on Sunday.


2 responses to “positive friday

  1. yay pilsen! i just got back from making the vintage store rounds, we just had a new one open up tonight 🙂 and i can’t wait for the bazaar-so pumped that it’s so close this time!

  2. awesome find for your garden!!!!

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