small change: the fridge

I get the most excited about the little projects around the house that take the least amount of time and require little to no effort. More bang for your buck, with time being money and all. Updating the photos on our fridge is a good example of this.

I’m one of the few folks out there that still develops prints at the local photo shop and I haven’t done anything with the majority of them other than peek inside the cardboard box– they don’t come in envelopes at most places anymore– and place them into a specific drawer with the date written on them in Sharpie. I’ve always said I’d get around to making albums and then I remember Flickr and how I can’t be trusted to simply upload my photos in a timely manner, so how can I possibly be expected to put my pics into an actual book?

This is where the fridge comes in. I can swap out photos at random, add in ephemera I’ve picked up and hoarded into cardboard boxes inside closets over the years, smack some cool magnets on them and I have a brand new fridge in about ten minutes. I’m pretty positive I’ve posted about my fridge before, and probably asked this already but I’ll do it again: what’s on yours?


One response to “small change: the fridge

  1. My fridge is bare, but I have my metal front door covered in photos. I love it! I enjoy being able to swap things out and always keep it fresh – and it looks like ‘art’ to me instead of clutter.

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