i broke my website

Look! It’s a blog inside a blog post that’s inside a blog! Isn’t that something?

My amateur behind is making some changes tonight and I think I broke my blog. I’m not sure why Typekit doesn’t want to be my friend or why the FAQ link looks all janky and compressed but I’m too tired to change it back to the previous version.

If you can ignore the font differences between the post titles and everything else –that is, if they don’t bother you as much as they bother me– let me know what you think. A change was definitely in order and since I’m too poor to pay a designer and too lazy to really figure out PhotoShop and CSS and all that lies in between, this is what I get for now. I’m confident that I’ll get it together in the next few days; please bear with me, even if I am hurting your eyes. If you’re viewing from a reader or an email subscription, hop on over and take a gander at the mess I’ve made. It’s akin to peering at a car wreck.


One response to “i broke my website

  1. Looks OK to me,


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