diana camera prints

Remember all the presents I got for The Mister around Christmas time? His favorite gift by far was the DianaF+ “Dreamer” camera, a simple point and shoot whose many quirks — if that’s what we want to call light leaks and cheap plastic– have been embraced recently by folks looking for an imperfect, “dreamy,” and oftentimes blurry look. It’s like producing an Instagram or Hipstamatic photo with film, and many of the cheapie old-school cameras of yore are where those companies took their cues from in producing vintage-looking camera pics. We totally jumped onto the bandwagon.

I knew that waiting for the film to be developed would be a bit of a challenge after so many years of digital instant-gratification, but I didn’t expect it to take six weeks, seven phone calls and two (unanswered) emails to the district manager of Ritz Camera to get our CD (not even prints!) back. Needless to say, avoid them at all costs. On the bright side, now that they’re here, we get to relive some fun moments.




Like when we fed monkeys on a boat trip in Costa Rica this past March.


And our friend The Alligator.





And the gorgeous beach in Tamarindo, where we stayed.


And a side shot of our comfortable cabina at Casa Cook.


And a pair of volcanoes we spotted on our way back to Chicago.




There were a few shots of Pilsen, our favorite area in Chicago, as well. Pulling out a camera in sub-zero temps can be bad for your fingers so Chicago was out of the running for more than a handful of shots. As you can see from my outfit above– a long sweater, a short sweater, a jacket, a scarf, a hat, and probably two pairs of leggings– it was a cold, cold day.




Milwaukee got the short end of the stick as well, on a weekend day trip with The Mister’s dad to visit my dad. Our pair of fathers had a blast at Papo’s Sweet Water Organics, where we fed fish and explored the warehouse.

Remember the wedding we went to in Boston? That’s outside of the chapel on Brandeis University’s campus, freezing my tail off; completely worth it for such a beautiful occasion.





Finally, I feel I should also include our first batch of Diana camera photos in this post: we took it on a test-drive while on St. Thomas in January. The photos above are not CD version– they are scanned actual print images so that’s why the frames aren’t as clean.

And there you have it: the first four months of the year via real film.

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5 responses to “diana camera prints

  1. I love how this camera produces a true “lomo” effect without the use of Photoshop filters. Where is the best place to purchase one?

  2. Missy Isely-Poltrock

    Love the orb between you and your pop and in the alligator photo. Those are angels you know. 😉 Missy

  3. Missy Isely-Poltrock

    And I love the bless the children pic too. These are cool. By brother Randy does some fun photography stuff too. You can see some of his stuff on my page. Hope all’s well with you and yours. Missy

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