wanna-be farmers day forty-seven: still not in the ground

Back porch
We are trying to become backyard and balcony farmers. Read previous posts here.

Well. The seedlings are not in the ground. They are, however, outside in trays during the day, and that has to count as progress.

It has been remarkably cold this May. I love Chicago and am no stranger to Midwestern weather weirdness but when I wake up in the morning and check my Accuweather app, the temps are enough to make me want to cry, pull my hair out, move back to St. Thomas, and say adios to this cold weather nonsense. Granted that the high the last three days has been hovering in the 80s… but it dropped down to the upper 50s this afternoon. Nonsense I tell you!

Sad cilantro

The cilantro took a hit last week when the weather patterns pulled the same switch-a-roo. A gorgeous day turned into a very cold night and I plumb forgot to bring our trays inside for the evening. Poor guys shivered out on that porch all night and some of them looked much worse for wear the morning after.

Happy squash

Lucky for us, the majority of our veggies soldiered through the trauma and I’m very happy to report that they are growing every day. The plan is to get them into their raised bed home sometime this week. We’re at the mercy of the weather.

Now, please excuse me while I break out the North Face–in late May–for a walk with the dog.


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5 responses to “wanna-be farmers day forty-seven: still not in the ground

  1. Oh, new layout! Love the new banner 🙂

    As for the plants, it’s so easy to get ambitious and plant too many seeds. I did this for years straight before I got the hint: I’m too busy for a big garden right now. But this post has inspired me to get some more herbs and easy plants like peppers started…ASAP!

  2. have you tried an elevated planting table? i’ve seen a few of these and most ppl tend to use them for herbs or leafy greens for salads. here’s a pic: http://pinterest.com/pin/24891988/

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