glass liquor decanters

Remember when I confessed my apartment envy at Kate and Evan’s house? Well, they did it again. Simply this time, so I can copycat without all the pesky carpentry skills most of their DIY projects entail.

As an avid party hostess and mixologist (she’ll kill me when she sees this and I don’t much care for the descriptor either, but what else do you call the person who puts together the cocktail list at a restaurant these days?) with a fully stocked bar, Kate was getting tired of seeing mismatched liquor bottles crowd her shelves.

She hopped onto Etsy to see what they had to offer and immediately found the set pictured for around $65. Etsy might be the way to go for these decanters; I’ve never come across them in my local thrift haunts. Her bar looks polished and grown-up after the switch and The Mister very much enjoyed pouring his drinks with them last night.

PS Kate will be joining me here every Friday with a cocktail recipe, starting this week! I’m so excited to post her first offering; I tried it yesterday and couldn’t stop smacking my lips.

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4 responses to “glass liquor decanters

  1. I’ve found a few at garage sales, and I permanently borrowed one from the still life subject stock when I was in college (shh…). Love them, too. Still need a grown up bar to use them. Corner cupboard is mismatched, am ok with that.

  2. OMG!!!!! I WANT!!! But Dennis turns to me and says “what do we need those for?” 😦 I’m getting some anyway.

  3. how do I order this set of decanters?

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