selector okunola: this girl, 2009

Most of Selector Okunola’s picks have been works in the 1970s. Lucky for his ears and ours, a lot of folks have jumped on the retro-soul bandwagon lately, right? My beloved Raphael Saadiq’s recent works sound straight out of another decade, Amy Winehouse made it super popular awhile back, and Aloe Blacc holds a special place in my heart for his work. I especially love his intro to How To Make it in America but I’ve told you that already.

Australian group Cookin’ On 3 Burners, along with vocalist Kylie Auldist go way back in the right way. I can’t stop listening to this song.

Turn it up. Happy Thursday!

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One response to “selector okunola: this girl, 2009

  1. I love these music posts. I’m always listening to music while writing, and we have the same taste in groovy music. It’s hard for me to break out of my classic Stevie Wonder/Motown/Michael Jackson cycle most days…

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