wanna-be farmers: day who cares?

It’s hot. Someone on the street told me today was the hottest day Chicago has seen since August 2006. I think that’s a bunch of bull as I can place the brand of sweat trickling down my back to an evening last June when I wanted nothing more than an ocean to live in.

Sweat or not, hottest day or not, something has GOT TO BE DONE ABOUT THESE SEEDLINGS. They’re not doing well. Still not in the planter above. Some got so shook up from the constant temperature changes that they went kaput on me and show no signs of returning. I give up.

Almost. Thursday’s forecast says cooler temps are on their way and I swear to you, even if I plop them in the cheap black plastic containers my arugula are doing so well in (much bigger than the photo above as I have been plucking them to top burgers off the grill almost daily), they will be transplanted.

Excuse me, I have to go shower for the fourth time today. Did I mention it was hot?

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8 responses to “wanna-be farmers: day who cares?

  1. Oh cry me a river won’t you (as I sit here with leggings, sweater, blanket & doggy to keep me warm!) We had ONE nice sunny day & then it went back to Northwest GRAY & chilly—-boohoohoo :’-o I just looked at the weather for my hometown (KCMO) —it’ll be 95 tomorrow! Can I have some of that heat? PLEEEEZE! (I must say, it took me at least TEN years to tolerate this weather. Basically, I’ve just learned to wear leggings until about the 4th of July!)

    Sunday, a couple friends were here & we were sitting outside (without parkas) & I suddenly felt a wave of humidity & smelt rain — 20 minutes later a TOTAL Midwest downpour, complete with thunder & lightning! VERY rare for us & I MISS that so much!

    As for seedlings, many of mine have bit the dust due to lack of transplanting. I did manage to put on my ‘parka’ & get out there and plant a lot of them so I’m not feeling TOO bad.

    Start more seeds, you have time!

    • Your weather came here Sasha! It’s brrrr. Temps dropped 40 degrees and I sit typing this reply clad in a hoodie *and* a sweater. Boo!

  2. It’s too easy to kill a seedling when you’re busy! This year I decided I wouldn’t plant seeds (even though it KILLS me – I want basil, tomatoes, bell peppers!) until the apartment is clean. There’s boxes and clutter everywhere, so no seeds for me yet. One step at a time in this cluttered life of mine 😉

  3. Woops, name in the wrong spot. You get the idea. 🙂

  4. i hear ya! we’re not doing too well with our seedlings here in MN, either. we’ve been bringing them back and forth from inside to outside, just to help them get acclimated. hard to do when there’s a 30 degree difference from day-to-day! yikes!

    also doesn’t help that our cat ate all of our chives one night! but keep at it! i’m really excited to see what happens. fingers crossed!

  5. Our seedlings died too. I kept trying to tell him that they were getting too hot. However the plants are doing well. We have awesome cucumbers. He bought a hydroponic kit for lettuce so we will see how that goes.

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