five o’clock with kate bock: philly lemonade

This is the second in a weekly series from Kate Bock, the woman behind the beverage program at mk The Restaurant here in Chicago and one-half of our graceful cohabitors. Check back every Friday for a new recipe!

Everyone has a childhood memory of lemonade. Some sold it at stands to make ends meet and others craved it at the end of an extreme game of kick ball. I personally remember it coming from my German grandmother who, by the way, refers to it as limonade and we’re not talking the fresh squeezed citrus kind… Oh nooooo, we are speaking of the Crystal Light in a packet kind! While I’ve avoided the Crystal Light for this recipe, feel free to substitute the lemon juice and use your favorite low-calorie-juice-in-a-packet. The second I drink this I am transported back to my grandmother’s astroturf covered porch on those hot and humid Philly summer days.

As an ode to my Oma, here is the Philly Lemonade.

32 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
32 oz simple syrup
8 oz honey
24 oz vodka

Make It
You’ll notice that the ounces are a little different than your standard cocktail requires. This is because you have to make this in a big old pitcher to share with all of your friends… or maybe serve at an adults-only lemonade stand now that the temperatures are rising higher! Mix all ingredients in the (large) container of your choice, add ice and serve.



5 responses to “five o’clock with kate bock: philly lemonade

  1. Just on time Kate. Whole Foods has a sale on organic lemonade until June 28th for$ 5 for 5(each 32 oz) bottles!

  2. Ausgezichnet !!! You go Oma !!!

  3. I love the surface design in your photo. Very nice.

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