thrifted denim & my canadian tuxedo

Someday soon, I will do three things: learn how to not take photos when it is not dark outside, buy a tripod, and fix my blog so I can post larger pictures. Someday soon, I swear. Until then, I reap what I sow: small, dark, and wobbly flicks.

I picked up this super comfortable denim tank from the thrift store over the weekend. With a denim jacket I got at a vintage shop in Toronto last year and a pair of jeggings skinny jeans from Forever 21, I got my Canadian Tux on for the Guerilla Truck Show last night.

The shirt was $2 and my favorite part, by far, are the buttons on the side. Excuse those wrinkles. I don’t iron unless I’m sewing.

Can’t forget the jean shorts I told you about! Levis. Ninety cents. I never want to take them off.

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10 responses to “thrifted denim & my canadian tuxedo

  1. Linda Lacy-Hodge

    Meagan you are just too precious.

  2. Super cute!

  3. I love those brown sandals in the first picture – were they thrifted too?

  4. I love the denim, the outfits look super comfortable and cute. And the photos look fine to us 😉 I want to take outfit pics of my thrifted finds, but I haven’t been motivated enough to get my camera remote to work!

  5. Do you try on the jeans at the thrift store? I’m always scared because that’s how david sedaris said he got crabs…

    • NO WAY. I don’t really try anything on. I’m too scared of bedbugs. I guestimate, hold stuff up and cross my fingers. I also don’t wear anything until it’s been in the dryer for 60 minutes to kill any possibility of bedbugs, then washed, then dried again.

  6. shit. I’ll have to try thrifting clothes when I go back to michigan and have easy access to a washer and dryer.

    • You can also leave them in a plastic bag tied tight for 24 hours to kill any bugs. That’s what I did before we had a W/D. Then I’d just take ’em to the laundry as normal.

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