rest in peace, readymade

As many of you may have heard, ReadyMade Magazine is no more. I wrote this long, gut-wrenching entry last week about how sad I was, how I stupidly f*cked up my last post for the website due to a saving error, and how incredibly fulfilling and awesome it was to be a part of that community, but I’m not publishing it. I think brevity will suit me better in this instance.

Three million cheers for ReadyMade. I’m pouring a little beer out as I type.

Go and save your favorite posts/projects/articles now. You can do so by opening up the page you like and pressing Control + S. Or download CutePDF and save them that way. The site has a massive amount of content and Andrew Wagner, the amazing EIC who first noticed this blog back in 2009 and later invited me to write for it in the beginning of 2010, reports that the site “will not be supported.” What that means, I am not sure. I don’t know where websites go once they’re ‘gone.’ To be safe, save the stuff you love now. The site is filled to the brim. Take awhile to go through it.

I know a lot of the people who read this site on a regular basis found me through ReadyMade. Thanks for reading my posts and expect more of the same content here. I will greatly miss checking out the site each day, stalking the Facebook page, and writing fun posts for one of the best magazines to have ever done it. Rest in peace, friend.

Also, if you want to hire me, shoot me an email. I swear I’m a decent writer.


4 responses to “rest in peace, readymade

  1. Noooo!!! 😦

  2. Why does this happen to the best magazines? First it was Domino, now this 😦

  3. Very sad news. RIP ReadyMade.

  4. I’m just still in shock, I thought they were doing so well! I’ll cherish the issues I have, and maybe hunt down the ones I missed!

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