blog block & the blues

Heidelberg Project house with kids art inside #detroit

I’m channeling the wolf/dog in the kids’ art above. It looks happy and serene, just hanging out under a red sun with red clouds and red birds.

My usually sunny disposition (real life friends, stay out of this and don’t contradict me on “sunny”) has been a little cloudy lately which has made it hard for me to want to do anything other than curl up on the back porch with a book and cup of decaf after work. Working on the apartment, thrifting, and taking photos with a real camera and not my iPhone– the things I think I post most about– have all slid to the back burner which means posting here has, too.

There are, however, a few things that are cheering me up.

American Tabloid by James Ellroy
. This book is unputdownable. Isn’t that a word grocery store novels always have on their covers? With a quote attributed to USA Today or something? It should totally be a word based off the strength of this book alone. American Tabloid and the two novels that make up a trilogy by Ellroy were recommendations for The Mister from his brother. After seeing him so thoroughly engrossed night after night, I knew I had to snatch it up when he finished. The book takes place in the late 1950s and is a sprawling not-so-true story of the FBI, the Kennedys, the CIA, LA movie types, Castro and Cuba, the Mob, and three fascinating characters in the middle of the whole damn thing. Because of course all of those things are tied together, right? It’s an older book, published in 1995, and I can’t believe I’d never heard of it until now. The Mister is reading the sequel now and I’m hoping that we’ll be done at the same time so I can jump right back into these characters. Listen, it’s so damn good that I missed my bus stop yesterday. Which leads me to the next item on my happy list.

The Bus.
Who the hell knew that I would look forward to getting on the bus each day after work? It’s official. I’m a convert. And a bus rider who still pays in all quarters because it takes too long to pay in dollars and I haven’t gotten around to purchasing a refillable Chicago Card Plus. I LOVE the bus. It’s crowded, I’ve gotten my toes stepped on more than once, the smells sometimes leave me reeling, I’ve witnessed a few altercations, but whatever. The convenience and time alone on the way home with my nose buried in a book more than makes up for it. And the kids. I love eavesdropping on the kids; the text above is one I sent to The Mister a few weeks ago while a young man named Atticus sat perched beside me. Excuse my typos, I’m not the best texter.

A Clean Apartment & The Mister For Cleaning It. We’ve been half-assed searching for a new apartment. Our lease is up in six weeks and it can’t hurt to see what’s out there. Man, listen. People are filthy. You’d think that if you were showing your apartment to people the least you could do is pick up the panties off the ground, rinse out the tub, and put a clean case on your yellow-from-drool pillow. I won’t even go into the blades on every ceiling fan we’ve seen or the dirt caked blinds or the freaking cat hair. Sneeze! My dog sheds a lot but it’s nothing compared to these folks. The two of us walk into our apartment every night after checking these spots out and breathe deep sighs of relief. Oh. I just heard the vacuum cleaner click on so bye-bye dog hair. The Mister must have been itching the way I was after the apartment we viewed tonight. Thanks, pal!

Weekend Plans. The Silver Room’s Block Party is this weekend! Folks are coming into town for this most festive and fun occasion and I can’t wait to see beautiful people, dance to good music, and experience a neighborhood come alive. Check it out if you’re in Chicago and let’s say hi to each other.

Friends, what cheers you up when you have the blues? I’m counting on the four items above to get me to Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!


One response to “blog block & the blues

  1. Hmm, depends on the origin of the blues. Being an astrology fiend I most often search my favorite sites for info on current planetary action that might be the root of it. One of my favorite astrologers recently gave the advice that when you’re blue you should do whatever your moon sign likes, when you get to the “angry” end of the blues you do what your Mars sign likes. My other favorite pick me up’s are: hiking with my dogs or just a plain dog walk around the neighborhood, gardening -basically just being active and out of doors. If I’m reeeeally blue and feel like holing up I clean the house like mad. If I’m less blue I’ll go to dance class. The gist of it is: activity!

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