thrifted: a red skirt & white tank

I must have been saying something important. And loud.

Last weekend was The Silver Room’s annual Sound System Block Party and it was the place to be despite extreme heat and humidity. I took a ton of photos but also handed the camera over to my brother-in-law, Mr. Lekan Jeyifo{us} (whose work was featured on 2Modern and AphroChic this week, by the way) and finally got some shots of ME in the mix.

I’ll be posting all of the photos as soon as I get a chance to go through them all. I’m also thinking of doing that annoying watermark thingie on all future photos since I seem to find my snapshots all over the internet, used without permission or trackbacks. Remember to Link With Love, folks!

Onto the thrifted part of this post. The night before the TSR Block Party I headed to Village Discount Outlet. I had $20 burning a hole in my pocket and wanted some stress relief after a long and difficult week. My refuge for those down-in-the-dumps times is always a thrift store. VDO delivered. The red linen high-waisted skirt ran me about $3 and the Gap tank was around fifty cents. I also picked up a 70s looking green lamp, a gray dress and more white tees. Score.

All photos by Lekan Jeyifo for Urban Casita


4 responses to “thrifted: a red skirt & white tank

  1. Megan, take me thrift shopping! Seriously! A wannabe thrifter, Damaris

  2. god you make me want a tattoo so bad

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