the blessing & curse that is instagram

It takes little to make me obsessive about something. I see something I like, I’m all in, going for the gusto. This usually only lasts a few weeks as I get bored quickly and don’t know how to finish what I start but I digress. Instagram has not bored me yet.

While I’m late in espousing my love for this iPhone application, I make up for it by constant use. I love hearting other people’s images. I love seeing folks heart my images. I click hashtags for everything from #chicago to #urban to #art to #kids to #flowers to #whatiwore. I cannot stop. I follow about 75 people on Instagram and I only know a handful personally. The rest I don’t really interact with in any other way, shape, or form. I just like their photos. Some shoot super artistic and beautiful snapshots that are plain old fun to look at while I value others for the peek into a life completely different than my own.

The problem is this: good old regular camera has taken a serious backseat, which means I’m losing what little skills I had in the DSLR department. It’s like speaking Spanish. When I lived in California I was constantly mistaken as second generation Mexican. In Chicago, my Spanish is so damn broken that yo tengo miedo when I have to speak it to people I don’t know.

I’m sure I’ll be both DSLR’ing and Instagramming the hell out of our new place but if you miss me in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and let’s be friends: my username is, you guessed it, urbancasita.


2 responses to “the blessing & curse that is instagram

  1. i LOVE instagram, too! I stumbled across this today:, which makes taking these little pictures even COOLER!

    • OMG! You ruined me. Now I’ll never be able to stop!

      I’ve been ordering
      for a few weeks now, too. I haven’t actually sent one to myself to see how they come out yet but everyone who has received them seems to really like them!

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