mama’s skirt: i finally wore it!

Back in March, I shot some photos of myself wearing one of the two clothing items of my mom’s that I own. Last night, after writing a quick update here and lamenting on what to wear in the last sentence, I walked into my closet and pulled the skirt off of its hanger.

I paired it with my favorite white tank, my trusty turquoise sandals, and a canvas shoulder bag decorated with pin-up ladies from the 40s and 50s, and off we went into the night.

It was windy and this skirt is of the wrapping variety, so I did run into some almost-peep-show moments as the material whooshed up behind me but other than that, the skirt was perfect. I felt like I was channeling Judy Lynne with every step and I’m sure she knew it, wherever her soul may be.

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Mama’s Skirt


One response to “mama’s skirt: i finally wore it!

  1. Mama would be so proud of her oldest daughter! She is always watching over you.
    I know you had to look great in “the skirt” and wore with the same “flare” she would have.
    Love you

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