day trip to milwaukee

I grew up seeing this poster everywhere: living rooms, basements, schools, churches, or wheat-pasted onto various surfaces around the city. I don’t believe Milwaukee has a city flag so this comes pretty darned close in terms of civic pride.

With the poster on my mind and with great Milwaukeean pride, The Mister and I drove north this past Sunday with two friends in tow. Both had been to Milwaukee briefly but never with a local to guide them and I was excited to show them around my old stomping grounds.

First stop was Honeypie Cafe, a newer place in Bay View on the south side of the city. Papo has been telling me about Honeypie for quite some time — they feature Sweet Water Organics microgreens after all– and we attempted to visit a few trips back but the crowds kept us away. Honeypie has seasonal outdoor seating in the back of the restaurant which finally meant no wait for indoor dining. I was a little bummed that we couldn’t perch outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather but everyone was way too hungry after our ninety minute drive to wait for an al fresco opening.

The service was prompt and friendly and the Bloody Marys spicy, extra delicious with a chunk of salami on a toothpick. The interior of the cafe is cute and comfortable, and various needlepoint works decorate the bathroom. My kinda place. Everyone was pleased with their breakfast and we waddled out full, half wanting to drive to a park to sleep it off.

Next up was Antique Center, a kind of mini-flea market without the crunch of people in Walker’s Point. I gather each seller has a small stall but only one person mans the store. The shop is on the second floor of a large warehouse type building up some rickety wooden stairs. It’s on the pricier side for Milwaukee but if you’re looking for serious antiques this is where I would go first. They also carry a large selection of well-priced vintage clothing, accessories and clothing. The Mister walked with a fresh pair of Bucks for $30. Not sure how ‘vintage’ they are but damn if they don’t look good on him.

Just two doors down is Clinton Street Antiques. This is my favorite resale shop in all of Milwaukee: I’ve already posted about them and our Cuba sign! Evan purchased an anvil for $7. I’m wondering what exactly he plans on using it for. As always, Clinton St. had a great selection of housewares and smaller furniture.

Next up was the East Side. We drove through downtown to the lakefront and made our way to Lake Park where I pointed out my old soccer field (lasted two practices, lame!) and baseball field (lasted three years, yay!).

We kept on driving, down Newberry Street to Oakland, to Locust to Holton, back down Burliegh, where we stopped in at Art Bar for some cocktails and games. When I was little, Art Bar’s location was home to Lava Java, a small cafe that served the most delicious waffles topped with strawberry yogurt. I have very fond memories of the space and love visiting when I’m in town. It’s across the street from a church I played basketball at and a ten minute walk from my childhood home.

Jenga!Jenga #2Welcome to Bizarre Land. While in a random Milwaukee bar, I came across familiar handwriting on a Jenga piece: that of my baby sister. It's her old # so don't bother calling. How weird!

While stacking pieces for a round of Jenga I spied familiar handwriting on one of the blocks. Bry-Bry? Surely this was NOT my sister’s phone number on a damn game piece. Homegirl has changed her number so many times that this one wasn’t in my phone– but I grabbed The Mister’s and there it was. Her old number matched right up! After a call to berate her, we made our way out.

Brewer's Hill #milwaukee #creamcity

One last stop: the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood on the northeast part of Milwaukee to gawk at the gorgeous old homes. Wouldn’t you just love to live in this beauty?

I barely scratched the surface of Milwaukee on our small day trip and can’t wait to bring them back for an overnighter. Milwaukee, I love you. See you soon.


2 responses to “day trip to milwaukee

  1. Bry is a G

  2. Sent me reminiscing down Memory Lane šŸ™‚

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