revisiting ‘officially missing you’ by tamia

I routinely use YouTube to listen to music. I pick a song, listen, and click onto one of the suggestions that pop up when the song is over. I think this particular stream started with Don’t Take It Personal by Monica and was followed by I Wanna Be Down by Brandy.

Officially Missing You came out a full decade after the two former songs and wasn’t by a teenager. I’m not quite sure why the computer chips over at YouTube deemed the three related– perhaps females using a single first name as a moniker?– but I’m so glad they reminded me of the beauty that is this video.

It pretty much follows Tamia in a cute outfit (especially loving all of the gold necklaces and the open pink shirt), as she strolls around a neighborhood and is gazed upon (oogled) by various men. She’s really missing someone specific and isn’t interested in their lonely eyes. She heads home after buying a soda at the corner store and sitting inside a phone booth for a bit. Upon entering her super-cute apartment, she walks around and sits in front of a fan blowing ribbons at her. Not groundbreaking, surely, but it is pretty nice to look at.

Does it remind you just a teensy bit of another video with a pretty gal stopping at the bodega and going on a stroll?

Watch Officially Missing You by Tamia here.


8 responses to “revisiting ‘officially missing you’ by tamia

  1. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!

  2. From javitito

  3. From javi

  4. another dope video is stranger in my house!

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